Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Minecraft review and bit more on my future plans

Hello everyone first i have to say I'm sorry it took me a while to get second post but i have been super busy mostly with minecraft related stuff and work, but here I am finally with my next post, so lets get started

Minecraft, a game most of you have probably already heard of, so this won't be your typical review. Instead I'll try to take a slightly different view on the game, what is so popular about it and where do i see its future.

First let's do a little introduction in case there are some readers that never heard of minecraft.
Minecraft is a Indie game, mostly made by a single man. It's hard summarize this game in a simple way but let's try anyway. Probably simplest way to summarize Minecraft is to say that it's a sandbox game, but that is extremely vague term in my opinion.
Then what's exactly is Minecraft, you ask? Well in minecraft you mine for resources and then use them to build amazing creation. If you feel like you need more explanation, just google it. I don't want this post to be that huge.

Let's start with Minecraft and it's success. Why was it that game, that graphically look more like something from 8-bit times and hasn't even been released yet, already sold way over million copies? In my opinion, there are two main aspects that was cause for this: Atmosphere and Freedom.
Atmosphere, do you still remember, when you didn't have full diamond armor, sword and you were just digging your tunnels? and then suddenly you hear monster noises behind the wall? or the thrill of first night? when you had no idea what's going on? or when you killed your first monster? found your first diamond?
Yes that's what I'm talking about when i mean atmosphere. every single fight with monster, even if the fighting system could not be possible simpler, is great. There's no need for million of guns, ultra realistic graphics. All you need is a stick and something to beat with it.
Freedom, what i mean in freedom should be hopefully clear to everyone that has played Minecraft. The freedom to choose, do you want to spend your first night running away from monsters? do you wanna quickly build a shack? do you want just burrow yourself in ground? be my guess do what you want. Do you wanna build epic castle over that hill there? do you wanna make secret underground base? or even underwater base?
everything is possible all you need is time and little imagination.
And that gets me to probably most important aspect of this game, and that's your own imagination. The blocky graphic and simple style of game just leave huge room that you can fill in with your imagination, however you like. I you look at some of the latest AA hits games like call of duty, homefront, those games leaves a very little space for your imagination because everything is served to you on silver plate. And that's where Minecraft is different.

So where are we heading with minecraft? current development of the game seems focused on singleplayer, but in my opinion is that future for minecraft lies mostly in multiplayer.
For Me, king of all multiplayer have been World of Warcraft for a very long time and even if I don't play it anymore I still consider it to be one of the best multiplayers games of all time, at least for now. And i think that Minecraft could easily be "the next big thing", all that would be need is major optimization for game itself and for multiplayer mode.Because, don't get we wrong there are tons of problems with Minecraft right now, especially with multiplayer.Still even with all those problems Minecraft is still great game and only downside is that it is extremely addictive. So definitely worth checking out if you haven't played it already.

Well that about wraps it up. So in rest of this article ill try to share some of my future plans with.
Obviously first thing would be polishing this blog and start publishing more often, depends on what i hear from you guys but lot of will be probably focused on Minecraft be it server reviews, stories from my gameplay, rants on mojang or so.

and second I would like to start releasing youtube videos, currently I'm in process of solving some technical difficulties and polishing quality of my videos but when that's done I think i have pretty interesting series of Minecraft Let's Play on a very specific server, should be fun

So that's it for today hope it isn't too long for you, have fun


  1. I'd actually play Minecraft if there was some compelling singleplayer content. I'm just not a multiplayer guy.

  2. Same here RC
    I've played minecraft till I realised there was no goal. Wish they had some stuff like achievements

  3. I'm going to buy this game some day..

  4. the lack of goal, is kinda downside untill you realize that the one who is setting the goals for you is you.

  5. Minecraft is such a stellar game! My friends and I have an awesome server with amazing structures. Can't get enough

  6. I see Minecraft fucking everywhere.



    They're closing in on me. Oh God. Must. Resist.

    Brb, getting the game.

  7. Very good thanks for writing

  8. Its such a bad game, but at the same time you just keep playing it for some reason.

  9. I played it, didn't like it that much, so I stopped playing after 2 days. Unlike everyone else who got hooked immediately.
    Srsly, this stuff is like heroin xD

  10. Lol @ Cornflakes. Minecraft indeed seems to be everywhere, but I have still managed to avoid it. Lets just see how long.

  11. I feel that Notch ( the creator of minecraft ) thinks this is some sort of fun community project. People have paid for it and want the finished product soon...

  12. I've come across SOO many minecraft posts in blogs today. Seems like everybody's playing it. I could never really get into it due to the graphics.