Friday, April 8, 2011

Parallel Kingdom for Android

Today I take a look at little game called Parallel Kingdom for Android.

 Parallel Kingdom is free, micro transaction based MMORPG for android, whats interesting about this game is that everything that is going on is happening on real-life map. So as you can see on screenshot above you only see heads of other players/monsters graphically its really quite simple game but what would you want from phone?

Leveling system is also quite simple, when you kill a monster you gain "Pages" and some gold usually, when you get enough pages you can level up but here is the catch each level cost some "Food" which is currency you gain by microtransactions or you can get it from Trade Post, Trade Posts can be found in each city, but most of the Trading are done in the big cities like New York, London, Paris, etc.

Cities can be formed by players, you need 3 players to form a cities and quite large portion of various resources in the game. Cities work as kind of main hubs for player, even though each player can build his house wherever he wants, and usually does. Cities are important because each city has it own territory on which will Oil Wells be formed and players can then take possession of then and with oil being one of the quite important resources in game or rather refined oil, which can be only gained from trade post, or by purifying oil with "food" (yes, again microtransactions). well lets not get into anymore details because its already quite a bit wall of text.

Basically you spend time, gathering resources, fighting monster to gain levels, in order to help your kingdom, which are basically your guilds, in war or in expanding its territory.

The game was quite fun, I spend sever days glued to my phone like an idiot. But huge reliability on  microtransaction and quite repetitive content makes it boring after few days at least for me. But if you get lot of time, unlimited data plan as its quite data hungry and all you have is your phone definitely give this a go.

Any i wont be probably able to post anything during weekend as i have no time. But hopefully i should have some new post for you ready on monday.


  1. looks kinda lame, but gonna try it

  2. I could guess that something like this will be a huge thing in the future.

  3. I'll have to show my girlfriend this, seems like something she would play.

  4. looks prtty strange might pick it up

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  5. I may give this a shot now.